Remote Control

High-performance FlowChief remote control technology monitors and controls globally situated structures and machines from a central location securely and cost-efficiently. The use of mobile data services, DSL and network connections make cost-effective permanently lasting connections between the slave stations and the control center feasible. This enables secure bidirectional data exchange between market-related programmable logic controllers and a higher-level application in the control center.  

FlowChief remote control technology allows open-ended selection of the equipment for the transmission path and in the choice of the parent application. Investment protection and market-related hardware prices are key benefits of this independence. Another special feature is transfer in quasi-real time, as well as the historically correct buffering of archive data in the PLC in connection interruptions and the subsequent transmission of such data, including timestamp. 

Additional features are full cost control, mixed structures in any scope and a unique, easy configuration of user data from the parent application. Thanks to the option that allows designing both communication channels and server connections to be redundant, remote control networks can be created with maximum availability.

The industry-neutral FlowChief remote control technology can be used flexibly. Extensive projects are executed in diverse fields such as water and waste water technology, energy data collection, facility management, the energy sector, renewable energy generators or remote service solutions for equipment manufacturers.


  • Connection of any number of remote terminal units (RTUs)
  • Secure bidirectional  data transfer
  • No vendor lock-in
  • Use of standard components such as PLC, modem and router
  • Online transfer in "real time" and historical archive data
  • Open structures in terms of hardware, communications and control center
  • Cost effective operation and during engineering
  • Maximum availability through redundancy concepts
  • All industries by using standard industrial

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