Cooperation Network

The FlowChief team maintains an ever-growing network of partners with win-win strategy. Eye level and fairness control the various forms.

The technology partner may also be a system integrator, but has additionally a special cooperation with the FlowChief GmbH.

The system integrator is a trained by FlowChief partner willing to use as a rule all FlowChief software products to its customers.

Want to know more about a FlowChief partnership? Then please get in touch with us.

Technology Partners

With technology partners we maintain a partnership in many ways cooperation, with the aim to optimize different customer applications.

Our partners...

System Integrators

Companies who would like to use our software products among end users, can be within 3 days FlowChief system integrator. This includes generally participate in a training and the signing of a partner agreement. The partner is not held exclusively and very free. The content describes only the positive sides and the long term supportive cooperation.

Our network is constantly growing. Feel free to contact us and receive detailed information. We look forward to you.

Our system integrators...