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Lucom GmbH develops and sells products and services related to the

- Mobile communications & M2M Remote Service,

- Automation & security, and

- Dragnet with the light curtain.

The VPN service portal connects Digicluster example complete networks, machines, systems and control centers flexibly together.


SAE IT-systems GmbH & Co. KG

Telecontrol and substation automation, protection technology, innovative communication technology

The FlowChief process control system coupled to the SAE telecontrol via a central SAE process coupler or directly with the SAE-outstation. Communication can take place via Internet / DSL / UMTS / GPRS or a VPN tunnel. The connection to the process control system FlowChief done via the OPC server "Connectit-FC".

In combining the SAE telecontrol with FlowChief process control system all digital and analog process data are acquired and evaluated in the central FlowChief database.

Walter Mend - Operating log

Operating log for sewage treatment plants according to DWA (Hirthammer)

The WWTP Master Walter Mend perfected many years ago the widespread reporting of wastewater treatment plants for DWA. It runs on the one hand stand-alone Excel based and can on the other hand communicate via OPC with the database of FlowChief process control system. So it is less automated wastewater systems as a complete reporting on the PC. All relevant values are entered manually, but all complex calculations assumes Excel and there is a always clean formatted printout available.

Is the operating diary coupled with the FlowChief process control system, all process data from the database are automatically FlowChief transferred to the surface of the Excel operation diary. In addition, of course, laboratory values to the appropriate times can be supplemented manually.


Data logger, remote control technology for technical equipment

LACROIX SOFREL is specialized in designing and manufacturing products of remote control technology for the management of technical facilities and of communicating data loggers for zoning and leak detection in water networks.

The FlowChief process control system coupled happy with the battery-powered GSM / GPRS data loggers of the LS / LT series. Associated sensor optimizes all devices, so battery life up to 10 years achieved.


The FlowChief GmbH offers a cloud solution specifically for Endress + Hauser Promag 800.

You want the data from your Endress + Hauser Promag 800 application can access anytime, anywhere, but this put no time and investment costs in engineering and build their own infrastructure.

The FlowChief GmbH offers a cloud solution specifically for Endress + Hauser Promag 800. Via the web portal, you have access to all live and long-term archive data. For your Promag 800 stations provides extensive analysis options.

The process control system is in all respects in a high-performance hosting environment and is available under the FlowChief Teleservice for a fixed monthly price.

FlowChief Teleservice - solution for your Promag 800

  • Customer login under "" with authentication for multiple users
  • Customer Portal on a rental basis for any number of stations
  • appealing frontend
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Archiving, trending, reporting
  • Monitoring Promag 800 System Messages
  • Optional alarm via SMS, email and voice call in case of failure
  • Connection via GPRS

Advantages Cloud solution

  • Future-proof, as always up to date and at any time on your portable server solution
  • Easy to use - no expertise required
  • Complete system supervision by the FlowChief GmbH
  • High availability and reliability through professional network monitoring and anti-virus protection
  • No investment costs for hardware and software, as well as infrastructure
  • No engineering effort predictable monthly rental cost
  • Cancel anytime

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Panasonic Electric Works Europe AG

Automation components for factory automation, remote control technology

In automation technology, Panasonic offers, among other things powerful programmable logic controllers, which are often used as telecontrol outstations.

The FlowChief GmbH developed for special applications, a software package for the PLC that all parameter settings of application permits directly from the process control system in combination with the process control system. The so newly created combination product is offered as GECO (GPRS embedded Controller). It consists of the Panasonic standard PLC with the already installed FlowChief program, a GPRS modem and an associated external antenna.

von Kruedener & Danckwerts GmbH

Solar Data Logger, test and measurement systems, wireless technology, process control technology, remote control technology for technical equipment

The vKD GmbH offers a broad knowledge in the fields of GPRS radio, GSM radio, time slot-radio and TETRA radio.

The SS-20G is a comprehensive measurement and remote control station with its own power supply with an integrated solar panel and a corresponding battery and solar controller. All electronics are housed in an IP 65 aluminum diecast housing with attached pole mount. All inputs and outputs are accessible via PG or DIN fittings. The device maintains a mobile phone card with GPRS functionality is to be inserted. To get to the GPRS Solar datalogger throughout the year, a standard measuring cycle of 15 minutes should be set.