Energy Management

The importance of effective energy management in different industries and industry is rising steadily. Legislation and increased competition play an important role here.

e-Gem as energy management platform provides the basic technologies for data collection, structuring, aggregation and processing. As data sources are controls, meters, process control systems or ERP systems from different manufacturers.

Completely designed in Web technology is e-Gem available as a standalone version or alternatively as an extension package for FlowChief process control system. A self-sufficient and specially designed for energy data management analyzes surface allows a clear representation of energy data and KPIs for management and energy officer.

This e-Gem serves both as a frontend for monitoring energy flow analysis in real time as well as a powerful archive database for historical consumption data recording and documentation.

Further reading on e-Gem is available.

  • Hierarchy Education
  • Historicizing of organization, reporting points and tariffs
  • Dashboarding
  • KPI management
  • Ad Hoc Energy Reporting
  • Peak load monitoring
  • Cost and tariff management
  • Balancing group analyzes
  • Sankey diagram
  • Manual meter acquisition
  • Meter management
  • ISO 50001 certified
  • Eligible for payments BAFA

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Core competence

Energy consumption analysis of all current and time-bound historical energy data is the central core competence of e-Gem.

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Fukushima initiated mainly in Germany some rethinking of policy-makers, the public and the economy, including in relation to energy conservation and the need to reduce CO2.

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Framework conditions

A breakdown by company, so there are different main reasons for the introduction of software-based energy management systems. The policy sets out the framework here.

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System structure

The basic structure of e-Gem already offers many standards for clear transparency of the energy data: Overview, organization tree, organizational levels and nodes, media, points of delivery, counter, tariffs, cost centers.

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Data collection

e-Gem has extensive targeting capabilities to capture all relevant data gaps and to parameterize. It is possible to distinguish between automatic and manual detection. e-Gem set in the automatic data collection on industrial standard interfaces and supports all major manufacturers of control systems or instrumentation.

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An analysis of energy data is supported on trends and a full-featured message archive. Trends are combined free of counting points, measurements, metrics, thresholds, or messages. These sets of conditions can, for example, are stored as private, public or user group-wide combinations.

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The ISO 50001 describes how by creating transparency in the use of energy and the targeted definition of objectives takes place a continuous improvement process in the company. e-Gem offers this a perfect visualization platform with dashbords and instantaneous values in real time.

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Depending on the object size is created in a short time a significant amount of data. Role of energy manager is to structure this data in a meaningful way for the different groups of users and deliver for example in standard reports, analysis reports, special reports and via export correction notes marked with a reporting service.

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The configuration of e-Gem is the same as all other access via web browser. In managing all key elements such as are Organization node, counting points or tariffs maintained. The integrated user administration rights are managed and stored explicitly.

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e-Gem was consistently developed in state of the art technology. Native webdesign provides a plugin-free run on all web browsers secure. OPC interfaces allow communication to almost any hardware.

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