Trend analysis

Trends can be combined freely from metering points, measurements, performance figures, limits or messages. These combined sets can be saved as private, public or user group-wide combinations.

The navigation in the graph shown is either via the menu bar or interactively by swiping (also multi-touch) over the surface. Time span and aggregation levels can be freely selected. A detailed analysis period can be performed via the mouse pointer. A legend in the lower area informs about the variables displayed and their minimum, maximum, sum total, averages, or frequency. Print and CSV. export functions are integrated into the display.

A time comparison function allows archived values over different time ranges to be ideally compared. A frequency analysis shows the frequency of measured values over the measurement range. X/Y diagrams allow the evaluation of other direct physical relationships. An online writer allows near real-time display of the measured variables.


Message archive

Limit violations, faults and messages are generally permanently stored in the system with millisecond precision and can be filtered and analyzed in detail through the message archive. In addition to pending and unacknowledged messages, a time domain display with more detailed listing of all incoming and outgoing events is available. In addition to limits from exceeding power demand, faults in communication to data sources can be traced, evaluated and as appropriate also acknowledged here.

The frequency analysis mode evaluates a period and provides filterable and sortable lists of all notifications with frequency and queuing duration.

In addition to a comment function, manual and automated export to a CSV file is also possible.