The configuration of e-Gem occurs as all other access via a web browser. All core elements such as organization nodes, metering points or tariffs are maintained in the administration.

The authorized user can intuitively and conveniently create the application in clear interfaces. Programming or higher technical knowledge from the automation level, as for example with bus-systems, is not necessary in the e-Gem configuration. If larger blocks of elements are updated or created this can be performed very quickly via Microsoft Excel™. The state of the application data can always be read back. The configuration is located within the Microsoft SQL Server™. Backup and recovery procedures can be handled very easily.

Configuration changes are made online during operation. Neither compiling nor rebooting are required. The client server architecture enables simultaneous multi-user configuration session without restrictions.

e-Gem is equipped with an integrated context sensitive help function so that lengthy searching in the manual is eliminated.

User administration

The integrated user administration of e-Gem allows the trained user to assign rights to e-Gem functions and objects. The user can therefore perform processing without having seen information and functions that are not assigned to him.

A configuration can be performed for individual users as well as uniformly for user groups. If user group permissions are inherited, additional individual rights may also be issued to specific users. In addition to the user rights, the master data and settings are defined for each user.

The rights concept allows operation of different clients on a system. Thus, access to organizational structures are specifically enabled only for those users you are responsible for.

e-Gem optional integrates your active directory structures. Authentication takes place directly with the Windows application in the workplace. Above all a multiple password administration is therefore not applicable for the user. The administration costs for the system is therefore noticeably lower.