Core Competence

Energy usage analysis perfected

Depicting energy flows within a company is the central core competence of e-Gem. Metering points are systematically organized according to your individual structures. Data acquisition can be based on actual or virtual meters. Measurement points are partially linked in the system to complex balance groups. e-Gem thus creates transparency in terms of energy consumption.

For corporations, SMEs and service providers

e-Gem is able to map a structure regardless of whether it is a complex corporate network, or a utility or public administration structure. A composition based on location, company or business line, right through to the virtual metering point, is supported in just the same manner as the mapping of a service provider, who wishes to allow access to usage data for a wide variety of customers, with varying property structures, using a portal solution.

Supports you through certification to ISO 50001

TÜV Rheinland has certified e-Gem to ISO 50001. The Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) approves e-Gem as an eligible software solution for the introduction of an energy management system in a company. e-Gem assists you all round with energy consumption in your daily work.

Multi-user capability

e-Gem offers integrated client support. Simple user rights through to sophisticated role concepts allow the correct view of your data, whether CEO, CTO, energy manager or plant manager. e-Gem offers comprehensive rights management based on organizational units. User groups are uniquely maintained and each user is simply assigned to different groups with his master data.

Energy management and SCADA systems in one product

Full process control system functionality including in the energy management system. Powerful archiver, native Web-visualization including trending, alerting, and escalation management are core tasks of a SCADA system. Developed and distributed throughout the market over decades, these FlowChief process control system competencies are included in e-Gem. 

Access without boundaries

Continuous, non-discriminatory access from configuration through to analysis via a standard web browser. A service-oriented client-server structure, in combination with continuous programming following W3C standards, enables independent device and plugin access to e-Gem via a web browser including through the World Wide Web.

Fully historicized picture of your structures

e-Gem builds a permanent historical record of your property structure. The composition of your business is not a snapshot: Rather it is frequently subject to considerable dynamics. As central elements in e-Gem, metering points are provided with validities and simply allocated to new organizational units. Therefore, historically accurate archive data, reports and key indicators, including from no longer valid group structures, are available from the history at the press of a button.