Energy Management

The importance of effective energy management in different industries and industry is rising steadily. Legislation and increased competition play an important role here.

e-Gem as energy management platform provides the basic technologies for data collection, structuring, aggregation and processing. As data sources are controls, meters, process control systems or ERP systems from different manufacturers.

Completely designed in Web technology is e-Gem available as a standalone version or alternatively as an extension package for FlowChief process control system. A self-sufficient and specially designed for energy data management analyzes surface allows a clear representation of energy data and KPIs for management and energy officer.

This e-Gem serves both as a frontend for monitoring energy flow analysis in real time as well as a powerful archive database for historical consumption data recording and documentation.

Further reading on e-Gem is available.

  • Hierarchy Education
  • Historicizing of organization, reporting points and tariffs
  • Dashboarding
  • KPI management
  • Ad Hoc Energy Reporting
  • Peak load monitoring
  • Cost and tariff management
  • Balancing group analyzes
  • Sankey diagram
  • Manual meter acquisition
  • Meter management
  • ISO 50001 certified
  • Eligible for payments BAFA

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