e-Gem has been thoroughly developed using state of the art technology. Native web design ensures a plugin-free version on all web browsers. OPC interfaces allow communication to virtually any hardware. A powerful Microsoft SQL Server™ in any structure combines performance and control over your data even with Big Data applications.

Native web technology

Access to e-Gem generally takes place via a web browser both in the configuration as well as the application of software. The web front end is consistently developed in pure web technology and implemented in accordance with international standards of the W3C in HTML 5.

These technologies are presented and executed by all browsers without additions such as plugins, ActiveX, Silverlight or Java. It involves the programming elements that we meet millions of times every day on the Internet. Current and future compatibility with the web browser is therefore secured. Any workstation can serve as a front end for your energy management system without installation. The parallel access via the client-server structure is freely scalable on the server side using a client license model, with virtually no limit upwards.

Energy data management system and SCADA in one product

e-Gem offers basic services for energy data management. The basis of this is provided by the long established FlowChief process control system. Central competencies, such as the process coupling, visualization, data preparation and aggregation, alarm management and integrated multi-client capability are fundamental standards in e-Gem.

The market penetration, amounting to thousands of systems, offers both investment protection and continuous improvements to these important features.


e-Gem is universally suitable for operation on public networks. Transmission and connection between the server and client are SSL encrypted. e-Gem can optionally integrate your Active Directory and thus reference its password rules. e-Gem manages your passwords, so that they are permanently stored.

Login attempts are recorded and after several unsuccessful attempts, login is blocked with increasing time (protection against brute-force attack).

Microsoft SQL Server™

Both for configuration and archive data e-Gem is based on the Microsoft SQL Server™, and is suitable for operation in high-availability server structures. Access to large clustered structures is very important for a performance function with large applications. Other advantages of the SQL Server are scalability, extensibility, backup, recovery mechanisms and the implemented access control. 

Operator model

In addition to operator models based on own hardware and software, FlowChief GmbH also offers hosting options. If desired reference can also be made here to leasing models.

Due to its web-based and service-oriented architecture e-Gem is fully configured for operation in cloud computing environments. "Software as a service" use is thus supported. Through comprehensive multi-client capability individual services of an e-Gem server system can be provided to different customers.