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The FlowChief process control system has been designed from the outset as to allow decentralized distributed systems and processes are centrally manage.

Secure and seamless multi-tenancy allowing diverse operating models of its own hardware (on-premise) to one of FlowChief managed in a data center infrastructure.

Here FlowChief relies on recognized and standardized technologies, such as pure weaving or SSL encryption. This allows for a hardware-independent and thus non-discriminatory access in compliance with recognized security mechanisms.

You can use it as the user FlowChief process control technology as "software as a service" without own hardware (FlowChief Teleservice) or as a manufacturer or system integrator your customers software services from the private cloud.

FlowChief as a Service! Integrated Web capabilities combined with a sophisticated role and rights management allows operation as a portal solution in cloud or private cloud structures.

As a plant operator, system operator or machine manufacturer to operate a variety of systems with large amounts of data. This data it is important to collect and deliver your intended use. Online and offline data (historical) are thus by visualization, trending, or reporting in the company and as an alternative for your customers.

Users or user groups get rights to part of the plant level and can thus "Operating and monitoring" (eg setpoints set) or also make administrative configuration changes.

FlowChief provides full client support.

Any number of customers are using in parallel on a system with strict separation of data all functionalities. So frontends and dashboards can be created in the individual customer's design. Reporting, alert and escalation management are the clients' disposal. Advanced operator models as remote service or contracting, FlowChief allows the escalation management also the dropping of willingness on the parent service structure.

  • Connection of distributed systems
  • "Private Access" or over the public Internet
  • Cloud or private cloud
  • Sophisticated rights system
  • Visualization, reporting, alert and escalation management
  • Consistently multitenant
  • Regardless devices by pure Web technology
  • Approved safety standards (SSL, VPN)
  • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Scalable and fair license model

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Centralized machine and system monitoring - worldwide!

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

FlowChief, the process control system platform including fully installed process control system available.

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Software as a Service (SaaS) FlowChief-teleService

FlowChief offers the platform and the full project implementation and services related to the operation of the system.

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