Centralized machine and system monitoring - worldwide!

Management knowledge is the service product with the service kit for worldwide access!

Our modules conform to your application to: tailor - limitless - safe!

Worldwide distance, technical machinery and equipment are centrally monitored for optimization, data management, monitoring and maintenance proactively & online.

The FlowChief GmbH and Lucom GmbH offer coordinated symbiosis many opportunities for "Remote Service".

LUCOM provides the technology, decentralized automation units installed standardized via VPN with the FlowChief Server to connect.

FlowChief couples the "Remote stations" on the LUCOM VPN network with its own process control technology and is the central control and monitoring level. This provides complete transparency and individual access to the remote units.

  • Cost-effective solutions with standard products on a modular basis
  • High satisfaction, service quality, profitability for customers
  • Flexibility in management actions through online information
  • Additional access via smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Client capability with individual user and access management
  • International Data addressing in country time
  • Any data archiving and analysis
  • Comfortable alarm management, monitoring and sending
  • Maintenance management for preventive maintenance and diagnostics
  • Graphical, tabular and tailored Analysis & Reporting

Download Remote Service Flyer