In automation technology, well structured and secure long-term archiving forms the basis for the assessment and optimization of every process plant. The archiving that is integrated into the FlowChief process control system sets the highest standards for performance, secure data processing, and combining with data storage of any size.

Even databases with several hundred gigabytes are processed without any problems, based on the integrated Microsoft SQL Server. All sensor measurements from the field are recorded through the OPC interface. These raw values are stored in the database to the exact millisecond, and further compressed in aggregation levels. The raw values are also still in the system. ¼ hour, hour, day, month and year values are created, which in turn can be used and displayed by other FlowChief modules, such as the graph module and the reporting system.

Any distortion to data during collection, e.g. due to defective sensors, can be corrected later. Data that has been corrected is marked separately and provided with comments. After the archived data is corrected, the summarized data that depend on them (e.g. averages) are recalculated automatically. 

All of the archived data is always available to the operators across all time zones at the correct local time. In addition to all current process values, any manually set values can be entered in the FlowChief system by hand, for archiving and calculation. Values stored in the database can also be extracted and exported using user-friendly interfaces. You can also easily import external data.

  • Long-term archiving, accurate to the millisecond
  • High-performance data processing and archiving
  • Big Data
  • Various data aggregations
  • Time-zone independent
  • Input of manually set values
  • Import-export functions
  • Microsoft SQL Server database