The client application is created in the central configuration interface of the FlowChief process control system, in a very intuitive and user-friendly fashion. Clearly structured screens and dialogs make it very easy to implement all process variables. All configuration data can be parameterized without any programming skills. An Excel workbook is available for the user-friendly configuration of larger blocks, which allows for the complete reverse documentation of systems, even while they are running. 

All configurations can be performed online during operation. The process control system does not have to be shut down or stopped to do so. Because the clients are exclusively standard web browsers, any configuration change required only has to take place once on the server. This means that even large systems can be effortlessly adapted to current changes in the process plant or extended. The engineering costs are thereby reduced to a minimum. 


The entire plant can be structured hierarchically into as many folders and subfolders as required. Both plant and organizational structures can be displayed, which ensures that both the project planner and the user never lose their overview, even in large plants.

  • Online changes without system downtime
  • Parameterizing not programming
  • Minimum engineering costs
  • Easy handling
  • Excel-assisted mass data configuration
  • hierarchical display
  • Clear picture of plant and organizational structure

Process diagram creation

Process diagrams that are structured and true to the original are one of the key elements of a process control system. This makes it all the more important that the intuitive FlowChief process image editor provides a tool with many editor functions, such as rotate, mirror, align, distribute, group, 3D pipeline generator and others.

Plant images are so professional, fast and high quality created in the after World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standard vector format (SVG). The open format is the foundation of a permanent web-based visualization content compatibility to the different web browsers.

Drawing and dynamise requires doing any programming skills. A 6,500 items comprehensive templates library and a professional object-oriented support in the implementation of large projects. Simply drag and drop elements and objects are transferred to the project and adjusted arbitrarily. This not only saves valuable engineering time, but also ensures a high degree of standardization.

  • Intuitive diagram editor
  • Comprehensive editor functions
  • Drawing and modification without programming
  • Fast and professional
  • High-quality diagram creation
  • Time saving and standardization through object-orientation
  • Cross-sectoral symbol libraries
  • Vector based (svg)

User Administration

The individual allocation of user and access permissions plays an important role in the operation of the FlowChief process control system. 

The organization of the permissions can be carried out for individual users, as well as uniformly for groups of users. In addition, individual settings can be set for each user as required. These include among others the required language, start and navigation pages for the respective area of responsibility, and alarm parameters such as email address and phone number. 

The web-enabled FlowChief process control system can be completely expanded for multi-client operation using its many configuration options. Of course, entire plant components can also be made accessible, locked or made invisible to certain persons. 

The active directory integration provides additional convenience when logging on to the system. The standard Windows logon at the workstation also directly authenticates the user on the FlowChief process control system. A separate login is not required. Especially in large applications, the user administration through existing Windows users and user groups is greatly simplified as a result.

  • Individual user and access rights
  • User groups
  • Optional system personalization
  • Multi-client capability
  • User language assignment
  • Plant related assignment of permissions
  • Active Directory integration

System documentation

The openness of the process control system requires the strict internal documentation of all user actions that actively intervene in the system. This information is logged in an area that can only be accessed with the highest level of authorization, so that all effects can be traced at all times.

  • Logging of all configuration changes
  • Traceability of all process interventions
  • Access only by authorized users