Graphs / Analysis / Trends

Graphical analysis

The web-enabled FlowChief process control system provides the user with a particularly quick transparent overview of the process values through its wide range of graphs.

The extensive functions for evaluation and visualization of all archived digital and analog data in line with demand are already available in the system in an individual and informative fashion.


The intuitive user interface makes it possible to compile the analyses in a user-friendly and individual manner, and clearly displays them at first glance. The operator simply selects the evaluations they require with a click of the mouse and saves them for targeted recall.

The system then always automatically selects the optimal level of display of the information detail. The graphical analyses can also be freely exported.


  • Graphical analysis of all process data
  • Display of archive values and online display
  • Graphs, hydrographs, trends
  • User specific, storable compilation of graphs
  • Simultaneous analog and digital display
  • Summarization and calculation functions
  • Evaluation over freely configurable periods
  • Free combination of line, column, and area chart
  • Scrolling, zooming, and swiping in x and y directions
  • Overlay of min, max and limit values
  • Cross-hairs for accurate information
  • Display of all summarization levels at the click of a button
  • Compact summary of the individual values displayed
  • Freely customizable export functionality, such as csv, Excel etc.
  • Display of archive values in time comparison
  • Frequency analysis and X/Y representation
  • Live recorder of current values 

Statistical analysis

A diagnostic tool for the evaluation, assessment, and optimization of the availability of their entire process plant is automatically made available to the user free of charge. All messages that occur in the process control system are analyzed statistically and displayed in a Web browser.

Using freely selectable time periods, it is not only possible to determine the operating cycles and the overall or average operating time, but also to make an immediate statement about the availability of the plant and machinery. Any range can in turn be selected according to different criteria and priorities, sorted and exported for further evaluation in csv format.

  • Availability analyses
  • Automatic overview
  • Individual definition of time frames
  • Diagnosis and plant assessment
  • Process optimization

Tabular analysis

All measurement data (analog inputs, impulse counter, uptime, manual values) appear in table format in parallel to all graphs.

The evaluations contain all individual time periods and selected details, as well as any batch and event-driven measurements. Both automatic and custom compilations can be saved and are available at any time to be called up or exported to a csv file with updated values.

Results that require further processing are compatible with all Office and other products and can be sent automatically via email.

  • Tabular evaluations
  • Individual time periods and levels of detail
  • Batch and event-driven evaluation
  • Storable compilations
  • CSV export