The FlowChief HMI visualization is a complete FlowChief process control system without analog value archiving, and runs autonomously on any PC or Panel PC.

The classic standalone application is the visualization for machines, with the added value that all monitoring, control and alarm functions are also provided on-site. The combination with a parent FlowChief process control system provides the benefits that configuration and process diagrams only have to be created once, and the operating and information content is always identical, both centrally and on-site. This eliminates a duplication of project planning effort, reducing engineering costs to a minimum.

A special additional advantage is that the FlowChief HMI visualization can be expanded subsequently at any time as required, up to a fully featured process control system. As a result, services that have already been implemented are always retained without being adversely affected.

  • On-site operation and monitoring
  • High security due to stand-alone HMI stations
  • High investment security due to extensive expansion options
  • No duplication of project planning effort
  • Complete control, operation and alarm functions