Process Control System

The fully web-enabled process control system

The universally applicable FlowChief process control system is the perfect solution for the monitoring and control of complex procedural automation processes for municipal and industrial applications. The integrated web visualization, with its possible use through any number of mobile and stationary operating devices, offers many advantages to the operators of small and large-scale plants.

All functions are available completely platformindependent and without additional software, as they are purely web-based. The recording of any desired process values, with intelligent long-term archiving, forms the basis for comprehensive alarm functions and a freely con?gurable reporting system. The process control system can be easily configured for individual customer requirements without any programming knowledge. The entire project planning is supported by intuitive interfaces, objects and symbols, so that a project can be created ef?ciently, quickly and professionally. All engineering tools required are included in the basic system free of charge.

The FlowChief process control system can be scaled from the smallest HMI software to the largest implementation of a redundant and clustered server system at any time, without loss of data. All configurations are fully retained at all times during this process. 

The sophisticated user and access management system makes it possible to tailor the system to the needs of clients and their applications without any restrictions. Because of its open structure with international standards, as well as the intuitive operation and administration, the FlowChief process control system is distributed through a network of partners in several languages and countries and in many sectors.

  • Integrated web visualization
  • Device-independent operation
  • Long-term archiving
  • Process analysis tools
  • Monitoring and alarm functions
  • Reporting systems and reports
  • Efficient configuration
  • Scalable on demand
  • Multi-client capability throughout
  • International
  • Cross-sectoral
  • Context-sensitive online help throughout

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