Plant Management and Maintenance

Professional planning and monitoring of numerous maintenance measures is essential for an extensive process plant. Legal regulations must be observed, and recurring inspections must be complied with and processed without problems.

Maintenance processes are organized in the FlowChief process control system as required, using the resources available and supported by the necessary accompanying documents, drawings and photos. For example, engines are monitored for a defined total running time, or valves are assessed based on specific operating cycles. All time intervals are freely selectable. The system clearly filters all accelerated, due, and overdue work together with all necessary information for the maintenance technicians, and generates appropriate dockets with safety instructions. 

In addition to all scheduled operations, unplanned events are captured in a ticketing system, tracked and finally reported as completed. All measures that have been performed and completed are then clearly displayed in the machine data sheet, where they are available for retrieval with one click. They make it possible to examine economic efficiency.

  • Efficient planning and monitoring tool
  • Machinery and plant data sheets
  • Regular and unscheduled processes
  • Ticket system
  • Management of accompanying documents
  • Operating time, operating cycles, time intervals