Process Control

Time-controlled operations

With the FlowChief process control system, not everything always has to be programmed in the field. Repeating actions can also be set and controlled with a flexible scheduler over the web.

The respective on and off commands and setpoints are carried out at a specified time. The duty cycle and the regular repetition interval are freely definable. The FlowChief integrated alarm management actively monitors this functionality and informs the operating staff about the execution status.

  • Time-controlled switching commands and setpoints
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Freely customizable repeat intervals
  • Active execution monitoring

Recipe management

Filling, mixing, stirring, heating, waiting, discharging - set points and commands for process controls can be compiled in a fully customizable fashion, and saved in as many recipes as required. When a recipe is selected manually or automatically, the values defined in the recipe are inserted into the set point variables compiled in the recipe description.

The applications are virtually unlimited, and are for example used in breweries, washing systems, cement plants and the baking industry. Command chains such as mixing, stirring, etc. then display their current status and provide an overview of the operational process.

  • Complete recipes
  • Individual contents
  • Manual or automated recipe selection