Reporting System and Reports

A flexible reporting system that is adapted to the respective customer requirements is essential when evaluating if an process plant requires optimization, as well as for meeting obligations in relation to documentation and accountability.

The FlowChief process control system offers the user individual and specific solutions for this purpose. It is possible to set parameters for defined reports and automatically generate these at regular intervals (e.g. daily, monthly and annual reports), as well as to create dynamic dashboards. 

Process, manually set and laboratory values are stored in raw data and different aggregations in the database of the system. The operator creates extracts from these according to their requirements and summarizes them in freely configurable reports, as necessary to clearly display the plant data in tables and diagrams.

Values can also be summarized to higher-level perspectives within the report, and completely new levels of information can be represented by using additional calculation functions. Any inaccurate data that was corrected in the database is identified accordingly in the reports. 

The reports are implemented as web-based reports in HTML, so that they are platform-independent and available on any web browser and on all tablets and smartphones. In addition, they can be exported to Excel or as PDFs. Together with the integrated report sender service, this provides a comprehensive information system for the automatic sending of reports and reports by email, as well as supplying FTP uploads (transfer to third-party systems).

Complete reporting solutions are already available for certain sectors. For the water and wastewater industry in particular, all legal requirements can be met as a result.

  • Comprehensive reporting management
  • Sector-specific solutions
  • HTML, Excel, and PDF output
  • Display as tables and diagrams
  • Manual and laboratory value input screen
  • Reporting service (automatic transmission of reports)
  • Summary to higher-level perspectives
  • Calculation functions
  • Individually customizable
  • Identification of inaccurate and corrected values

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