System structure


FlowChief offers all the features of modern process control technology integrated into one product. Additional components, such as the FlowChief telecontrol technology and the FlowChief energy management, facilitate the coordinated use in a wide variety of sectors. 

Interface problems between different software modules and manufacturers are thereby excluded.

The visualization works in any standard browser of the PC, smart phones and tablets without additional software on the client.

All modules and functions of alarm, graph, reporting and maintenance always access the powerful structure of the database.

The database is based on a Microsoft SQL Server.

The direct and remote field level is coupled across manufacturers, depending on the implemented systems via corresponding OPC server.


  • Integrated software solutions from a single source
  • Visualization, archiving, alarm, graphs, reports, and many more
  • Integrated sector-specific modules
  • Modular extension available through license keys

Process connection

In thousands of projects from the smallest HMI up to 200,000 process variables comprehensive monitoring system FlowChief bidirectionally communicates with different participants. The basis of manufacturer-independent communication between controls, instruments or components of the remote control technology is the use of open standard interfaces. FlowChief interacts either directly with controllers based on OPC UA or use to the proven Classic OPC technology. Industry or application-specific protocols, such as Modbus, IEC 60870-5-104 or Profinet be so connected in the easiest way with FlowChief. Characteristic are data acquisition in real-time, high fail-safety and continued compatibility.

FlowChief remote control enables economical, secure and efficient communication between remote controllers and central control systems and is ideal for M2M applications (GPRS, LTE, DSL, etc.). Postgraduate info material to our GPRSmanager available.

The data exchange systems to corporate management level (MES, ERP) via an integrated OPC Server interface, via web service or an automated data transmission by Reporting Service. External data such as laboratory, counter or hand values are entered manually. For extensive, ongoing costs of data volumes is a fully automated data import for any text structures (csv, txt, xml) are available. The source medium can serve web server, email account, FTP server or the local file system. Analysis mechanisms to regular expressions provide tremendous opportunities.

  • International standards
  • Manufacturer independent
  • GPRSmanager, the open OPC telecontrol technology

Multi-client capability

The FlowChief process control system is completely multi-client capable. Many clients or applications run on the same server and everything can function independently, detached and isolated from each other. 

Here, the particular strengths of the integrated web capability come to the forefront. The separate customers are individually served at an international level in various languages, using the full range of functions of the complete process control system. 

A wide range of technical variations are operated by FlowChief in the cloud. 

As an example, various company applications are transferred from different countries to a central FlowChief process control system. Users access the system with individual access rights via the internet and operate their applications. 

Similarly, the FlowChief process control system can perform high-level monitoring and evaluation of specific functions of a wide range of customer applications on a central server. 

In practice, a central FlowChief process control system frequently monitors the process plants of a local authority, such as the sewage treatment plant, water supply and the public swimming pool. All possible operational and monitoring functions of each plant can be used independently, in isolation and in confidence. 

Each user (client) has their own private closed area with their individual user and access rights, even in different languages. In this way, a multi-client system can operate many small plants in a cost-effective manner or efficiently partition a large-scale plant.

  • Comprehensive user and access management
  • Central monitoring system with end client access
  • Process control system cloud
  • Separation of clients and process plants
  • Cost savings through centralization
  • Secure partitioning into detached sections


The FlowChief process control system is completely designed for international use from the ground up. Independent of language and character sets, the country-specific language is automatically selected for each user when logging on to the system.

As a result, speakers of different languages can work on the system at the same time. Labels in process diagrams and system configuration texts are automatically translated using language files. The basic version is delivered in German and English. Languages that are required, but not yet implemented, can easily be entered by the operator.

  • Switching of language according to user
  • Language and character independent (Unicode)
  • Integrated localization of system configuration
  • Automatic translation of process diagrams


The FlowChief process control system offers total freedom to the designer, the project planner and the end client. Once selected, a technical specification can be scaled retroactively as required, any time during operation. The complete system can be extended without data loss and without adverse effect on already implemented functions. This is an invaluable advantage, because the system can meet every new challenge without losing the work already done. As a result, completely new plant components and telecontrol stations can also be easily integrated.

  • Planning and investment security
  • No loss of configuration and data
  • Unrestricted scaling during operation
  • Freely scalable in size and functionality