Web-enabled Visualization

The most important interface for end customers, as a window to their application, is the web-enabled visualization with the complete set of process control technology functions. The entire observation and operation of a complete process plant works seamlessly, including all technical functions, using pure web technology (HTML5), without any additional software required from the client. At all times, all data therefore resides only on the central process control system server, with platform-independent high-speed access from any web browser in the world. That is to say, each computer in the closed corporate network (intranet) and any access from the internet serves as a complete user interface for the process plant, provided that the required user and access permissions have been granted.

The communication between server and client uses SSL encryption and a certificate of authenticity. The latest safety standards are implemented, as also in use with other safety-critical applications (e.g. home banking).

A particularly important part of the visualization is the possibility of a completely individual design of Vector-based process images. About the highly comfortable FlowChief process image editor this system images are quickly and professionally designed according to the exact requirements of the operator. A library of over 6,500 high-quality SVG elements from different fields allows an individual image design for high performance.
The browser windows are at full image content with all operating options without loss of quality (no pixelation or similar) scalable. In addition, a wide variety of detailed information can be dynamically turned off and then displayed using zoom function. Several Operator window can also be opened parallel to each other, so that can be accessed in different systems and applications at the same time.

  • Web-enabled and platform-independent
  • Pure web technology
  • Encrypted data transmission (SSL, certificate of authenticity)
  • High-performance data updating
  • Vector graphics (svg)
  • Unrestricted scaling without loss of quality
  • Zoom levels with different information content
  • Numerous animation options
  • User-friendly engineering tools

Mobile user interface

The FlowChief scadaApp guarantees unlimited mobility. Every modern smartphone and every tablet PC, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android device or BlackBerry and ready for Windows10, is turned into a user interface equivalent to a stationary PC.

Without any additional software, the same individual visualization is made available, with outstanding performance and identical to that in the control room - of course secured by access and user rights, and without any additional configuration effort. With the control room in your pocket, the plant can be interactively monitored and controlled from any location.

  • Mobility without limits
  • All smartphones and tablets
  • Secure and encrypted access
  • No additional engineering
  • Always informed and able to act