Control Center FlowChief GPRSmanager

The connection of FlowChief remote control technology to higher-level process control systems and applications via a pure software OPC server, the FlowChief GPRSmanager.

The GPRSmanager is the link between the RTUs and the central parent applications. Data is tapped via a standardized OPC interface. 

The configuration of the software couldn’t be easier. Only the login credentials and the station type need to be specified per type of station. Additional parameterization of the process data is not required. With this, all process variables can be accessed straight from the parent application. 

Every OPC-enabled application can be coupled with this high-performance remote control technology. Parameterization of the entire remote control network directly from the control system is also possible in conjunction with the FlowChief process control system. Remote control technology becomes a “plug and play” experience. 

The GPRSmanager provides a number of different system parameters and variables. This way, data transmission can be controlled and adjusted from the control center. By status signals such as the connection status, network quality or the volume of data, the system connections can be continuously monitored and alarm given or extensive communication analysis for troubleshooting can be conducted.

  • Standardized encrypted OPC interface
  • Secure authentication
  • Direct communication with the slave stations
  • Simple configuration
  • Direct access to data from the control center
  • Stand-alone application or integrated in the process FlowChief process control system
  • Comprehensive system analyses
  • Cost control through data volume monitoring