The FlowChief data loggers are used in all applications where data needs to be recorded, but where no power supply is available.

Using battery or solar power, measurement and meter readings, messages and limit value violations can be recorded, archived and transmitted to a control center by GPRS.

In addition to the self-supply of energy, the data logger can supply external sensors and measurement technology with power. With protection classes up to IP68 the devices are best suited for use in harsh environments.

The data is transmitted with a timestamp to the FlowChief process control system or other systems (SCADA, reports, databases) via the standardized OPC interface.

Examples of different applications:

  • Water supply (meter logging, network pressure, pipe breakage monitoring, well and elevated tank fill levels)
  • Wastewater technology (logging of stormwater overflow levels, quantities and overflow events)
  • Flood protection (level measurement)
  • Mobile measuring systems (and much more)

  • RTUs with autonomous power supply
  • Battery supply up to 10 years
  • Solar power supply, battery and charge controller included
  • GPRS data transfer cyclic and event-driven
  • Digital, counter and analog inputs
  • Integrated high-performance or external antenna
  • Power supply of measuring equipment (e.g. pressure, fill level, ultrasound)
  • Individual archiving and transmission intervals
  • Data transfer with a timestamp per OPC Server
  • Diagnostic information (battery status, temperature, GPRS signal strength)
  • Protection class IP68 (waterproof in case of flooding)
  • Configuration and diagnostics via web browser or Bluetooth

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