FlowChief GeCo

The FlowChief GeCo (GPRS-embedded controller) is a complete package consisting of a commercially available PLC, a GPRS modem and an antenna based on the functionality of the FlowChief process control system. 

These devices can be mounted directly on the system and connected as a remote terminal unit. PLC programming is not necessary. Configuration is completely conducted from the FlowChief process control system and actively transmitted at runtime to the remote terminal unit. In addition to the simple initial installation, any program modification and extension can be implemented quickly. The continuous parameterization of the entire remote control network saves valuable configuration and commissioning time! 

The possibility to extend the GeCo through the full PLC functionality to any application program free of charge ensures that the system operator is prepared for all future extensions.


  • Plug and Play
  • Complete pre-configured remote control package
  • Consistent configuration from the FlowChief process control system
  • Maximum time saving – minimal engineering costs
  • No programmer required on site
  • Subsequent application assignment
  • Free integrated PLC functionality
  • Cost-effective standard components with long product cycles