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Network control technology with FlowChief in the canton Schwyz

Project: EBS Schwyz
Customer: Elektrizitätswerk des Bezirks Schwyz AG
Jürg Heinzer,
System Integrator: ERTECH Elektronik AG
Michael Bickel,
Product: Process control system
Sector: Energy & Energynetwork


The power station in the district of Schwyz (EBS) is a leader in the energy supply. EBS produces and transmits energy and also offers its customers services. The company arranges the environment a high priority, account economic, ecological and social aspects. A key task of the EES is to convert the hydropower the Muota into usable electricity and to provide customers in the supply area safe disposal. This EBS operates five hydropower plants along the Muota - the Muotakraftwerke. These were built 1956-1970 and annually produce around 220 million kilowatt hours of electricity. Thus, they cover about 70% of electricity needs in their own supply area.

Since 2011 EBS monitors the network infrastructure to producers and customers with process control of FlowChief. Planning and implementation was carried out by the Ertech Electronics AG Studen - General Distributor and system integrator for FlowChief software in Switzerland. "There was no central monitoring for the network system. Only small controllers and panels were installed on site for operation and fault signaling. EBS was particularly impressed the concept of centralization. The underlying server client architecture simplifies operation and the evaluation and processing of data considerably ", says project manager Michael Bickel of Ertech.

The connection of external control systems, protection devices or transformer monitoring is carried out via IEC 60870 and telecontrol components from SAE IT-systems. The telecontrol perfectly mastered the interplay of transmission media like GSM, dial-up connections (each 60870-5-101) and pure TCP / IP routes as fiber-optic technology (60870-5-104).

FlowChief visualized, monitors and manages network components such as circuit breakers, protective devices or transformer monitoring the power levels 6,3kV, 15kV and 50kV. In addition, data will be analyzed from the power plant control systems.

Critical operating conditions or disorders of the components are automatically forwarded to the Pickett service via voice call.

Meanwhile, in addition to the transformer stations, already 6 substations recorded. "This was initially not provided by EBS" said Mr. Bickel.

For Ertech the Electricity Schwyz were the first project in this complex perimeter with the software of FlowChief. Meanwhile, some more have been implemented with a similar range of tasks.

Facts FlowChief:

  • Process control 15 000 process variables (On Premise)
  • SAE connection telecontrol via IEC 60870-5-104 (Ethernet, fiber optic) and IEC 60870-5-101 (dial-up, GSM)
  • Visualization and monitoring of different nets, substations and circuit breakers
  • Discontinuation of switching commands
  • Alerting via language (Landline)
  • Leitvorgangsarchivierung - detailed record of relevant user interactions
  • Long-term archiving of messages (states) and measured values

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Process control including maintenance management for district heating networks

Project: District heating Marktoberdorf 
Customer: Fernwärme Marktoberdorf GmbH
Markus Hacker, 08342 4203 105,
System Integrator: Zach Elektroanlagen GmbH & Co. KG,
Tobias Zach, 08622-9881 330,
Product: Process control system, HMI
Sector: Energy & Energynetworks


Lack of continuity in terms of energy and raw materials mean that many municipalities for years dreamed of independence and predictability. The city lies in the Allgäu Alps Marktoberdorf is there a step further. Already since 2009 operates the district heating Marktoberdorf GmbH its own district heating network. The goal is a sustainable, environmentally friendly and economical heat supply of parts of the city and its citizens. Are powered public buildings such as Hall and indoor swimming pool as well as many private households.

At first the heat was purchased from local industrial plants, the operating company began to build in 2012's, perfectly matched to the demand characteristics of the customer care systems. In the expansion and the decision was made, to be monitored by a central process control system to operate the plant. "The system selection FlowChief convinced right away." So Mr. Markus Hacker - Head of Technology at the district Marktoberdorf GmbH. "FlowChief fulfilled not only the central tasks required of us as visualization, alerting or historicizing. We use the integrated maintenance and service management also functions that are not available on the range of current process control systems usually. "

With the implementation of FlowChief system integrator Zach was commissioned electrical equipment. The first task was the interfaces of the generation systems, heat meters, water meters and transfer stations and their protocols M-Bus, Modbus, Profibus and BAC-Net to bring to a common denominator. These decentralized controller Beckhoff were installed. These serve as a protocol converter and communicate to the brim with over Ethernet FlowChief.

Important decentralized locations were also equipped with a HMI solution from FlowChief. If the central control is not available, so suburb are still accessible to the process. "The engineering for this has already been run on the server. Process images and variable configuration had to be only copied "as Tobias brings Zach - Head of Automation Technology at Zach electrical equipment - a significant advantage to the point. By the way the end user uses identical user interfaces in the central and suburban.

Facts FlowChief:

  • Process Control System 25.000 process variables
  • Steadily growing heating network can be expanded by operators in the visualization of a button
  • 2 FlowChief HMI decentralized suburban stations
  • Alarm and Escalation Management (Dynamic alerting via SMS)
  • Online coupling of 6 Beckhoff controllers that serve as a protocol converter
  • Management with FlowChief maintenance management

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