Flood protection

Flood protection with FlowChief Software Solutions

Project: Flood protection in Sulmtal 
Customer: Wasserverband Sulm,
Johannes Kübler, 07130-9693, www.wasserverband-sulm.de
System Integrator: Modjesch Elektrotechnik,
Dipl. Ing. Jörg Schaber, 07135-2688
Product: Process control system, Remote control system
Sector: Flood protection


A prime example of ambitious flood control is the water board Sulm headquartered in Nord Württemberg Weinsberg. With the foundation in 1973, following a flood of the century and massive damage Weinsberg valley train was "flood-free" to train.

With an investment of EUR 36 million 40 years later were 15 partly ecologically integrated basins completed. So are capacities for around 4.2 million cubic meters of water available for emergencies.

To monitor the 116 km² large catchment products came to 2011 with remote control and process control technology with high dependence on manufacturers to use. "This led to great difficulties in system adjustments," said Mr. Jörg Schaber - responsible for automation technology in Modjesch Electronics. Since 2011 the Association is firmly behind software solutions FlowChief. This is in remote control technology on standard PLC components and supports virtually all relevant control provider. So was resorted in Sulm on components from VIPA. The controllers connect via DSL lines VPN encrypted with the Headquarters. The Remote Control Technology enables not only archive value buffering at disconnections an event-driven transmission of events.

As it has repeatedly caused a shortfall of broadband penetration in the region in case of floods was implemented by timeslot radio a path redundancy. These transfers, in parallel with the more performant "leased line technology" via DSL, data center.

At headquarters the FlowChief process control system takes over the data acquisition, archiving and compression. All employees have access either via a PC or, more recently, via mobile device on the visualization to and are thus always up to date. A free Login level overview, linked on the webpage of the Association also enables the population to tap the current water levels. The integrated standby roster ensures alerting the competent persons in the event of a fault. Here, the association uses Voice Alarm via text to speach.

The Association is responsible for a documentation requirement to all flood events. FlowChief developed it in collaboration with Modjesch Electrical Engineering an automated reporting archived the next times also important numbers of events in chronological order.

Facts FlowChief:

  • Process control 1000 process variables (On Premise)
  • 16 RTUs via DSL (VIPA 300S)
  • Path redundancy through parallel connection of all buildings on timeslot Funktechnik
  • Standby Serves with escalation management and alarms via Text to Speech
  • Login Free level overview link on webpage for everyone
  • Automated Batch Reporting to floods
  • Archive Storage of raw values with continuous online access of 5 years

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