Central SCADA Application in a large Corporation

Project: Process control system SKF Schweinfurt
Customer: SKF GmbH, Wolfgang Voith, 09721-56026026
System Integrator: ACTEMIUM, Manuel Demling, 09721-75 746 15
Product: Process control system
Sector: Industry

SKF is a Swedish company with a broad product and service range around the areas of bearings, seals, lubrication, mechatronics and related services. At the Schweinfurt location - the headquarters of SKF Germany - are currently working about 4,400 people. Schweinfurt, making it the largest production base of the SKF Group worldwide. When monitoring and data collection of the supply systems in the production SKF relies on central process control. Tied in addition to the fluid, water, compressed air, ventilation and electrical infrastructure and the building control system of work 1 (administration building).

2012 decision to modernize the in the tooths Repas AEG control system was adopted. When choosing the new system, FlowChief sat among others in an assessment center to the current competitors through. Decisive per FlowChief process control system was, according to Mr. Voith - Head of Electrical Engineering at SKF in Schweinfurt - the uniquely integrated overall concept. Thus, besides the FlowChief process control system no product on the market that an innovative and free web visualization plugin offers powerful historicizing, reporting and full emergency service functionality in an application.

Facts FlowChief:

  • When completed, over 100,000 PV
  • Parallel access of up to 100 users via a web browser
  • Multi-tenant structure - structuring according to areas of activity (electrical, media, environment, ...)
  • Data sources:
    - Up to 350 controllers manufacturer Siemens and Beckhoff
    - Alphanumeric data from suppliers
  • Visualization with approximately 450 process graphics incl. zoom level dependent representation
  • Hot-standby redundancy (access through Load Balancer)
  • Archive data retention period:
    Online data currently 400 days raw data / messages (Outsourced 5 years)

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Energy management e-Gem across locations

Project: Energy management Schott AG
Customer: Schott AG, Dipl.-Ing. Lothar Kretschmer,
Leiter Energiewirtschaft Schott, 06131-66 101 66
Product: e-Gem
sector: Industry

SCHOTT is an international technology group with more than 130 years experience in the areas of specialty glasses and materials and advanced technologies. SCHOTT is one of the leaders in high-quality glass production for a variety of industries and is committed to sustainability in the fields of environment and energy consumption.

Since 2011, SCHOTT relies on the ISO 50001 certified energy data management system e-Gem of FlowChief. The existing software solution to date was replaced train to train while retaining the measurement infrastructure. The consumption data is collected across locations with U160x Summators from Gossen Metrawatt. FlowChief developed to a driver, the field side ECL, a proprietary system language of GMC, speaks and behaves according to the brim as a standard OPC Server. In addition to online consumption data while also archive values, system data and bus characteristics for monitoring infrastructure are recognized.

In Group 50 employees work in the future with the system and access via browser without installing any additional software on the application. This was, according to Mr. Lothar Kretschmer - line energy industry - also a major reason for the change. "The expense was just too great. Few people had access to the system and were increasingly busy to send their consumption data to third parties. A prerequisite for a new system was therefore a non-discriminatory, consistent access via a web browser. "

The centralized management structure of the Group is continuously synchronized with e-Gem. The result is an organization tree, which is historically accurate displayed by the application. Measuring points are absolutely, partially or virtually organized as metering points in the tree. Next there is a assignment to media and tariffs.

e-Gem acts as a data hub in the company. Energy planning, peak demand management, accounting and technical services access constantly back to the data and use this for your individual areas of responsibility.

Facts FlowChief:

  • e-Gem with 5,000 metering points
  • Hot Standby redundancy solution in its own data center (On Premise)
  • Automated synchronization with enterprise Master Data
  • Driver development for ECL incl Gossen Metrawatt U160x incl. archive handling and bus monitoring
  • Fully automatic synchronization points of consumption based on the dynamic configurations U1600
  • Multi-tenant structure and company-wide access via a web of more than 50 employees
  • Archive up to 10 years available Online (1-minute raster data volumes up to 1,000 GB)

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