Software-sustainability through open, standardized interfaces

Project: Waste water Kitzingen
Customer: Stadt Kitzingen, Jürgen Orth, 09321-34378
System Integrator: Elektro Hofmockel, Karl Weber, 09876-9790-17
 Process control system, Remote control system
 Waste water


The sewage treatment plant of Kitzingen is a design capacity of 85,000 inhabitants by far the largest in the district.

The wastewater treatment is carried out by one of the activated sludge plant connected further purification with anaerobic sludge treatment. In the catchment area there are 22 stormwater overflows, 10 pumping stations and 6 measuring stations. The plant was built in 1980 and expanded in 1990 and 1999. Currently the restoration of all system components takes place.

The remote control and process control technology has been completely renovated in 2011. "In selecting the new system was us especially an open and modern technology with a focus on industrial standard interfaces important," says Jürgen Orth, the head of the treatment plant of the town of Kitzingen. Not again wanted to go through proprietary hardware or software depending on a manufacturer. Furthermore, the process creating images should be taken over by their own employees. Prerequisite was a development environment, which can be used completely without programming knowledge. After an extensive market analysis then the choice fell on the remote control and process control of FlowChief.

The company Hofmockel, Rohr at Nuremberg - System Integrator for FlowChief products - has been commissioned to install and implement the system. In parallel, the employees of the wastewater treatment plant have been trained to use and process pictures intensively directly at the company FlowChief. So now the entire system was visualized by its own employees. Nonetheless, the issue is thus not completed for Mr. Orth: "The annual software updates bring a lot of innovation in the system" so Orth, who also regularly participates in training sessions update the company FlowChief.

Facts FlowChief:

  • Process control system 10,000 process variables running as a hot standby redundancy
  • 30 RTUs via GPRS (manufacturer Siemens S7-300)
  • Online coupling (manufacturer Siemens S7-300 and S7-1500)
  • Engineering by end customer - about 100 process images
  • Operating log for DWA (automatic data transfer from FlowChief)
  • Web-based reports for relief structures (RSB) for submission to the water authority
  • Maintenance Management

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