Renewable Energy

From the outset, the FlowChief GmbH also focuses on environmental protection projects. Of course renewable energy have the highest priority.

Besides the known portals of large solar power provider FlowChief GmbH developed eg based on the FlowChief process control system, a portal with the most detailed resolution of all data. Here, various solar systems with different inverters and transmission technologies are read centrally and superior. The operators of solar parks thus has all overviews, analyzes and states its facilities always in view and has to work with a wide variety of content no portals.

Biogas plants of different sizes and imprints are operated using the FlowChief products. In this market segment some FlowChief partners are regarded as leaders.

Thus, on the same server as at the same time solar and wind power plants are operated sorted and evaluated.


  • Solar power plants
  • Biogas plants
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Thermie projects
  • Wind turbines