System maintenance

With the maintenance contract for the software maintenance the FlowChief GmbH wants to ensure customer satisfaction.

The maintenance contract is concluded with a FlowChief system partners or directly with the FlowChief GmbH. It defines all the response times for occurring faults. At regular intervals, all the functions of the process control system either locally or by remote dial-in are checked.

In conjunction with the service contract, the customer can decide whether he wants to have included a free software update to the applicable level of development of the software.

A maintenance contract ensures long-term calculable costs. Includes free software update it is the cheapest way to keep the process control system in terms of comfort, software and hardware compatibility and system security at all times up to date.

  • Continuous software maintenance
  • Always up to date
  • Predictable costs
  • Optionally, functional check by remote dial or locally
  • Includes free software update