The use FlowChief process control system efficiently

All interested parties, such as Engineering, electrical panel builders, partners and end customers to qualified training for FlowChief process control system, the use FlowChief remote control system and FlowChief energy management system. The differentiated knowledge offer is available for both standard training courses as well as individual training projects with qualified personnel in headquarters and in consultation also with you on site at your disposal. If desired, of course, we also provide on-site training at the customer.

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  • Standard training covers all themes
  • Individual project-related training
  • In the house FlowChief or locally

User Training

After user training those responsible on site will be able to operate the process control system.

Contents: operation, visualization, trends, alarms, emergency service, maintenance

Managers Training

The Managers Training involves user training and gives a deep insight into the configuration of the process control system.

Contents: operation, visualization, trends, alarms, emergency service, maintenance, operator station, configuration, reporting templates, user management, archiving, timing chart, the process picture editor

Project Planner Training

This training includes the Managers training and is intended primarily for OEM partners. Qualifies you to complete project planning of different applications, starting from the system installation.

Contents: Data point configuration list, import / export, structures, system installation and configuration, reports

Professionals Training

This training deepens the FlowChief knowledge of project planning through practical examples from different industries. With tips and tricks project details are developed for specialized solutions for complex projects.

Contents: New curve features, work with scripts, SVG process images in the text editor, process images - embedding and nesting, nested FlowChief objects, reporting service options

Energy Management Training

In the energy management training for product e-Gem is assigning all energy types and values ​​regardless of installation locations and technical characteristics shown to any cost centers, including the combination of the respective energy tariffs and time ranges and their evaluations at your fingertips. In addition, the special advantage in the combined application is represented by the FlowChief process control system.

Contents: Structure, management, media, rates, counter, monitoring, reporting, balancing groups

Process Picture Editor Training

Structure of the FlowChief process control system, SVG process images in the browser, installation of the image editor, control station, process variable, Excel spreadsheet ConfigImportExport, sign bases, menu and toolbar, dialog box, canvas, levels, character elements.

Contents: Actions - reactions, Animation, XML-standard objects, image menu editor, module call, message archive and operations archive, user management, time control table, load curves, reports, values ​​exports, standby duty schedule, maintenance, tools, file browser, cross-reference list, navigation

Reporting Training

Special training courses on reporting of FlowChief process control system, inclusive individual and specific solutions in higher-level perspectives and presentation of new information contents.

Contents: Basic structure, types of reports, individual construction, particularities

Remote Control System Training

Basics of FlowChief IP and packet-oriented remote control system in communication model "field level - transmission - center". Transmission paths on the basis of FlowChief remote control matrix controls/interfaces and communication components (modem, router, ...).

Contents: Installation and licensing, FlowChief GPRSmanager, configuration center, remote control station, addressing process variables, configuration transmission, modem configuration, configuration router, configuration field level, PLC library set up, remote programming, FlowChief VPN portal