As leading innovator in software products in the field of process control, power management and remote control technology, we deliver solutions from a single source and secure across industries and around the world for nearly 20 years the success of our customers.

To control a process plant via a web browser was before the turn of the millennium for many inconceivable for us but a vision. Since then we are successful on advanced Web technologies and offer due to many years of experience and development the most consistent Web-enabled process control and energy management system.

In addition to the independence of manufacturers and hardware, our products stand out through standardization and openness of the market and combine tremendous opportunities with investment protection and security.

Our innovative corporate culture, characterized by young and creative employees, is reflected in our products. As a privately owned and independent company so we develop our software with in-house and offer our customers maximum flexibility and durability.

All customers and our ever-expanding partner network, we are a reliable partner. The intensive exchange of ideas and a solution-oriented cooperation we have made to our strategy. We place great value on a free, fast and above all qualified support and a broad training program.

With our in-depth expertise and industry knowledge from numerous projects we wish to offer a comprehensive service and consulting services, and support your project through to acceptance.

The FlowChief Team - Your Partner

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