FlowChief as a central energy data platform

10. May, 2023

The SCHOTT technology group, which specializes in ...

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Intercommunal portal solution for water suppliers

10. February, 2015

Since 2004, the Bavarian Forest Water Supply Association has relied on software solutions from FlowChief for monitoring, data acquisition an...

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As a site operator, Infraserv Höchst offers its customers comprehensive energy services. The company’s own EnergyXpert® portal solution based on e-Gem is an elementary component of the portfolio. Current configuration: 5,400 real meters, 7,000 virtual meters, 37,000 quality variables, approx. 80 different media and products, 70 companies, 800 different users.

Remote monitoring in real time – the SMA Solar Monitoring Center monitors commercial PV systems and PV power plants worldwide. Service experts ensure 24/7 that the customer’s systems function faultlessly and that the yields of the systems remain on the right course. The technology behind it is based on FlowChief.

A prime example of purposeful flood protection is the Sulm water board. All basins were connected to FlowChief via path redundancy in order to secure the application in case of catastrophe. A level overview connected to the association’s website enables the population to call up the current water levels.

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Sewage sludge is dried in order to minimise its quantity and thus transport and disposal costs. SPANGLER has automated a Huber SE belt dryer with control technology from FlowChief. The dry material can be stored and opens up new disposal and recycling paths.

With a capacity of 85,000 inhabitants, Kitzingen’s sewage treatment is by far the largest in the district. In the catchment area there are 22 rainwater overflow basins, 10 pumping and 6 measuring stations. The employees themselves created more than 100 process pictures for the visualization with the FlowChief Imager.

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The SCHOTT technology group, which specializes in glass production, has been using FlowChief’s ISO 50001-certified energy data management system e-Gem since 2011. e-Gem acts as a data hub within the company. Energy planning, peak load optimization, billing and technical services continuously access the data and use it for their individual…

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The decisive factor for a FlowChief process control system was the uniquely integrated overall concept. Apart from the FlowChief process control system, there is no product on the market that offers an innovative and plugin-free web visualization with powerful historization, reporting and alarm platform in one application.

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Technology Where FlowChief goes ahead

FlowChief stands for 100% web technology – always and without compromises. As a user this is noticeable.

Where FlowChief goes ahead

What our customers say

At Zeppelin Power System we offer our customers tailor-made all-round carefree packages with our solutions for combined heat and power plants and marine installations. In FlowChief we found a partner with modern software and the necessary flexibility. That’s how we offer FlowChief based software solutions to customers – from simple machine operation to marine fleet management.

Timo Jakubzik

Timo Jakubzik

Engineer EMSR Zeppelin Power Systems

For almost 15 years, we have been using FlowChief process control and remote control technology. FlowChief has always relied on cutting-edge technologies such as pure web technology. These technologies enabled us to develop our ‘waldwasser’ web-visualization – an economical cloud solution for small water utilities. In the past, these were often simply overwhelmed by their own IT infrastructure. We are absolutely convinced of FlowChief, which is why we are fully relying on FlowChief in our new waterworks including the administration building: in the process control, in
energy management and in the building automation system.

Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Gruber

Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Gruber

Government architect and Plant Manager of the Joint Water Supply Bayerischer Wald

Since 2006, we have relied on FlowChief for the central process control system. The big advantage of the FlowChief system structure, is the integration of many important functions of our control technology into one software. From visualization and archiving to reporting and maintenance management – up to 15 employees from the control center, specialist workshops and operations management work with the system on a daily basis. Prerequisite for this is the consistent execution in HTML5 web technology. The system is designed as a hot standby redundancy solution – the reliability is also ensured in exceptional situations, such as hardware defects.

Stefan Engelhardt

CEO civic sewage plant Erlangen

As a site service provider, we collect large amounts of data, which we make available to a great number of customers in various services. Until 2011, we used software that required an entire terminal server farm. The regular client updates alone caused an enormous amount of work and were no longer up to date. So we were looking for a pure web solution. Another important requirement was a software stack that could easily be extended to meet our requirements. With FlowChief we found a partner with suitable software and the necessary flexibility for our complex and demanding requirements.

Dirk Scheid

Dirk Scheid

Business Partner Networks and Energy Management InfraServ Höchst

We at SPANGLER focus on partnership and long-term business relationships with our customers and suppliers. With FlowChief we are not only connected by a similar philosophy, but also by more than 12 years of cooperation. SPANGLER wants to offer its customers innovative solutions also in the future. The progressive requirements towards more networking will ensure a growing number of joint projects with the company FlowChief in the coming years.

Helmut Graspointner

Helmut Graspointner

Managing Director SPANGLER Automation

In the process control technology laboratory at Cologne Technical University, we prepare future engineers for the demands of the job market. After an intensive market analysis, FlowChief was chosen for the realization of projects in the sewer network of the city of Pulheim. And it was the right decision: In close cooperation with the developers at FlowChief our students successfully implemented an intelligent pump management. We got to know the software as a top product, therefore FlowChief is now used intensively in our laboratory.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Große

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Norbert Große

Cologne Technical University, Laboratory for Process Control Engineering

We have many years of experience in the field of industrial data acquisition and energy management. This enables us to offer our customers a wide range of services. We create data acquisition concepts specially tailored to the customer and his measurement technology and integrate solutions for software-supported energy management on request. With e-Gem, we use an open and manufacturer-neutral solution that can be optimally integrated into existing measurement technology. In addition, all employees involved can easily gain access to the system via web technology. We also support our customers in operation and certification according to ISO 50001.

Lars Jenner

Lars Jenner

Solution Management B2B Energy+ Süwag Vertrieb AG & Co. KG

FlowChief Software

SCADA and energy management for tomorrow’s processes

Every municipal plant and every company in the industry and medium-sized businesses is unique, has individual requirements for plants, partners, employees, suppliers – and of course also for software. A one-size-fits-all solution for process control systems, SCADAs, HMIs,  remote control and energy management will never fit anyone perfectly. It will always be too extensive or too incomplete.

FlowChief is different: Our software can be infinitely scaled. You need a lean HMI system to control a small biogas plant? FlowChief can do it! You need a complete process control system to monitor and control the water supply of a large city, including visualization, trending and logging? FlowChief can do that.

With e-Gem we offer an energy management system that records all relevant data historically or in real-time. These are structured and processed according to your individual data. With a wide variety of analytical instruments and flexible reports, e-Gem is the ideal basis for your regular audits, e.g. as part of ISO 50001 certification.

Developed web natively for maximum security

The software platform was developed with a focus on the Internet and industry 4.0 and is completely web-native. You can access our software, and thus your plant, from any device in the world, with any browser and any mobile device. Secured, of course, by common security standards.

Through web-native development and years of experience in secure remote control technology, we are also able to offer FlowChief as Software-as-a-Service, including support and maintenance. You do not need your own servers and special premises, instead you control your systems from your office. FlowChief puts an end to restrictions.