Intercommunal portal solution for water suppliers

waldwasser Wasserversorgung Bayerischer WaldProject: Water supply Bayerischer Wald
Customer: Wasserversorgung Bayerischer Wald,
Dipl.-Ing. Hermann Gruber, +49 991-29 64 0,
Product: Process control system, Remote control system, Portal solutions, FlowChief VPN-Portal
Project expression: 6 Process control systems
Sector: Water supply

The water supply Bayerischer Wald (waldwasser) is a special-purpose association based in Deggendorf in Lower Bavaria.

The company was founded in November 1963 and today supplies large parts of Eastern Bavaria, around 10 percent of Bavaria’s surface area, with high-quality drinking water. About 200 communities are part of the waldwasser-community. waldwasser established itself as an intercommunal administrative structure, ensures the water supply from regional sources and above all stands for a sustainable handling of the number one foodstuff, drinking water. Since 2004, the association has successfully relied on software solutions from FlowChief for monitoring, data acquisition and evaluation across all plants. So far a clustered process control system for the network operation in Deggendorf, Moos and Flanitz is operated in the own supply area. Hot standby redundancy is in use at the drinking water treatment plant in Flanitz. 2014 marked the start of a new waterworks with softening plant at the Moos site, which was inaugurated in October 2018..

Here, too, FlowChief’s process control technology is used. In addition to the operation, modernization and expansion of their own infrastructures, since 2008 waldwasser also offers services around water supply. In this way, since 2008 waldwasser has made it possible to monitor buildings via a portal solution in a private cloud environment. This service is now used by more than 25 communities with approximately 100 structures. The connection is made using remote control technology from FlowChief.

For this purpose, standard PLC components are used, which are often already installed in the systems. They communicate bidirectionally and encrypted with the portal via GPRS or DSL. The central FlowChief process control system is multi-client capable and therefore ideally suitable for the operation of several customers on one system. The customer is provided with a package of native web visualization, alarm and escalation management as well as detailed reports about the system as a rentable service. The in-house 24/7 notification office rounds the service off. The engineering of all systems is carried out by waldwasser itself. In the meantime, more than 300 process images have been designed for all plant components by the company itself.

Facts FlowChief:
  • A total of 6 process control systems (partly hot standby redundancy) with a total of 85,000 process variables
  • Engineering by the customer
  • A total of 300 process images
  • Waldwasser portal solution:
    • Process control system currently 7,500 process variables
    • 100 Station FlowChief telecontrol technology
    • Manufacturers: Panasonic, Phoenix Contact, VIPA (200 and 300) and Siemens (S7-300/S7-1200)
  • Connection of 400 GSM data loggers via web portal and “http polling”
  • Multi-tenant structure and parallel access for 25 communities via web browser
  • Services provided per customer: visualization, on-call schedule, reporting, reporting service
  • SEBAM compliant report output for data transmission to the water management offices
  • Remote programming of PLCs via FlowChief VPN Portal